Our Services

empower you to command a smart and strong brand.

What we do for you?

Brand strategy development:

  • brand and market evaluation and bench-marking
  • brand positioning
  • brand differentiation
  • brand essence
  • brand architecture (multi brand systems)

Change management:

  • brand essence translation for your workforce (do's and don'ts)
  • project management (project team, objectives, execution)
  • presentations, workshops, coaching

Brand book:

  • brand principles
  • brand design: name, logo, slogan, brand legend etc.
  • application rules

Brand consulting:

  • brand localization and internationalization
  • brand innovation
  • briefing and supervision of brand building
brand development, strategy, output

How it gets done

From you we need:

  • Openness, ambition, and teamwork.
  • Approximately eight months time.
  • Active participation from the company leaders.
  • Frequent, at least monthly, meetings.
  • Internal company data (market data, sales figures, cost and expense structure, competitor and product information, etc.).

What you can leave at the door:

  • Personal preconceptions, tastes, beliefs etc.
  • Consumer research.
  • Marketing communication budgets.

What we develop:

  • After evaluating your brand, your competitors, and associated markets we benchmark and explore future opportunities with you.
  • We condense your strengths and opportunities into a distinct and comprehensive market position and a unique brand essence.
  • We then develop your brand strategy and brand book.
  • Our change management makes your organization start to live and build your brand.

How to ignite the process:

  • You invite us for our personal introduction presentation.
  • We present and discuss with you our detailed project offer and the execution time line.
  • Call or write us now!