Our Brand Essence

‘Pragmatic Magic’

Based on brand and market analysis we develop magical concepts which we then evaluate for pragmatic feasibility.

  • We are unique in identifying outstanding opportunities to develop our clients’ brands.
  • We believe in consumer dreams rather than consumer statements.
  • We love to brainstorm crazy ideas but then scrutinize them.
  • We believe brand building starts with the implementation of the strategy.

Our mindset

  • Consumer motivations complexify and shift toward the individual, making target groups dissolve.

    Conclusion: Consumers are best captivated via their brand preferences.

  • Product features become increasingly similar making it difficult for customers to differentiate between them.

    Conclusion: Fondness and trust for a brand is the most tangible value consumers experience.

  • Businesses are forced to change offers faster and react quicker to the activities of their competitors.

    Conclusion: Consistent delivery of your brand essence differentiates you from and lifts you above competition.

What others tell you about branding

  • The graphic designer tells you:

    With a nice modern logo and package design, consumers will like your brand more.

  • The advertiser tells you:

    You need top creativity - the more creative your communication the more consumers will love and buy your brand.

  • The marketer tells you:

    You have to constantly optimize your communication tools and channels to utilize synergies and reach consumers at as many as possible touch-points to convince them about the superiority of your brand.

  • The business consultant tells you:

    You have to make your organization more effective so you can produce and sell your products cheaper. This way your brand sells more and you earn more money.

  • Velvet Hammer Branding tells you:

    You need to develop a differentiated unique brand your customers will engage with and pay for.